Thursday, 4 August 2011

I Have Confidence In Sunshine!

Soon similar to the tune of Julie Andrews I will be on the doorstep of my new Austrian Family. A few moments ago few would have recognized the bubbly smiley girl they all knew weeks before as the one looking forlornly around her house at miscellaneous objects in reverence. Yes, the "homesickness" has already kicked in, in fact,  at home. Sensing the claustrophobic presence of elapsing time I already feel myself gasping for last-glimpses of friends and family. Perhaps this feeling was emphasized by the last minute change in my itinerary... what was once a departure on the 11th has taken two steps back to the 9th! What a difference two days can make. What I can look forward to however are my last days at my pizza job.  Friday I will be sent off with a second-to-last check from the Roman Republic of Little Caesars. I will look at the coming times and fear not! My years are young and my disposition enthused. I will remember Canada as fondly as Maximus remembered his home, "Pink stones that warm in the sun. A kitchen garden that smells of herbs in the day...jasmine in the evening." 
If this is any indication of the blogs to come perhaps I should cite my sources because a reference to the Sound of Music and Gladiator would confuse most. But if you are entertained, in the words of Stephane from SNL, "look no further."


  1. I like to think the card I just gave you prompted the Sound of Music reference! :P