Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Language Camp



Just got back Sunday from Language Camp. Although most of us were home sick from our host families for the first few days everyone became sort of a mixed up family in the end (a family of 60). We had classes from 8:15 - 12:00 everyday then an hour after lunch. Most of my free time was spent eating ice cream or hanging out at the Potter Festival in the neighbouring town. Saturday was the big hike. To give some sort of reference point it was probably the same as hiking up Knox Mountain from the very bottom (just a little longer). Sunday we visited Hallstatt and saw the famous Salt Mine and the little town which was so adorable! The second week continued with much swimming in the lake below the school we were staying in and more ice cream (of course). Then I visited the pottery festival Friday and Saturday. Very cool work by lots of ceramists. Being the daughter of a potter myself I actually noticed more similarities in their work (as compared to ours in Canada) then differences. After a few cheery goodbyes (I will see everyone again at the hiking weekend) we parted with well wishes for our first days of school! I’m super nervous but also excited. School for me begins the 5th of September. But at the present time host sisters are taking me to Vienna for a few days to see the Zoo and go shopping and much more of course!

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