Saturday, 30 June 2012


I have not got many photos for you yet, but I thought a few of you would be curious as to how I am doing back at home! 
So far nothing has changed, and that has probably been the critical element to my re-integration. The only thing that is freaking me out a little is that it feels like Austria was sort of a dream. I have to keep reminding myself that I was really there. I think I just need a little more time for it to sink in. 
This weekend I am looking forward to Canada Day, when I get to see all my friends! And going to Tim Hortons, which I actually haven't done yet... 

Last Wednesday Meal


 Last Night Out 

Just a quick update: I am going to be starting a new blog for University! So you can all follow my UBC Vancouver life, studies, and style. I'll be announcing it soon!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dublin: Green and Savage

Savage is one of the many slang words we learnt in our English lessons, which were way more fun than typical school!
We had a super cool young teacher that taught us Irish slang and created Taboo topics for discussion. There's nothing I love more than a good debate!
Here are some pictures of some "savage" places in Dublin! (Pubs and Monasteries to be precise)
Oh, and savage means "very cool" or "awesome."

*Only two days until I'm home!!! 

by Day
by Night

Best guitarist. Great show.

Howth - The Coast

With Maple Syrup :)

#Blogger Life

They spelt Tuuli's name wrong.
In Finish Tuuli means wind,
Tuli means fire
and Tulli means customs

Somewhere outside Dublin

The Monastery

My Camera Girl

Feels like home

** I should probably include that all the good photos were done by Tuuli and her amazing camera and talent ;)
Some were done by me aswell...

Friday, 22 June 2012

Dublin: When Irish eyes are smiling

Loved Dublin!

The city is so young and alive. 
It's no challenge to find a pub with live music any day of the week (in Temple area).
The Dubliners really love their classic 80s soft rock. The quality of the musicians really makes you want to discover those hits that you've heard 1000 times on your local radio.

The street fashion is indie and varied. While I would describe Vienna as being the home of Burberry scarves and Longchamp purses (both items I love), Dublin however is much more a collective and sometimes eccentric style, with identifiable London tendencies. There is no wonder why everyone is so individually dressed, the shopping is like no other!!!
Tuuli described it as "Little London" 
Topshop, River Island (better than Topshop?), Urban Outfitters, & Pennys (Primark) were my favourites. Oh, and American Apparel was 3 floors; the best I've ever seen.

The scenery is of course just as expected (green and lush). We took a trip Saturday to the Monastery and it was surreally beautiful (photos in 2nd post).

The Spire (aka, how to find the bus stop at night)

My host family's house (loved them!)

street below us

At the sea in front of the neighbourhood.

Everything is written in English and Irish.

Sunday night football (soccer) match

Let's get learnin'!

The street our english school (institute) was on.

Too scared to try anything and end up disappointed, better wait until Canada.

(Left) Our enthusiastic and very Irish tour guide.

Give it to the birds

Temple Bar area

Street musicians

Our bar...



American Apparel... crazy.

He thought he was the Burger King

The bouncer at the BK lounge.

Self explanatory..

Not too bad for Tuuli and me