Monday, 28 November 2011

Deadmau5 und Gluhwein

In the KUGA
I've found me people. I discovered last year in my Creative Writing class that I felt most at home with the creatively crazy people in this world. Well, welcome to the KUGA (Croatian Art Centre near Oberpullendorf). Home of eccentric "rock stars" that enjoy the frequent use of english curse words. My friend Konni and I did a little MCing and I got to try to speak some dialect.  I said, "I hab wos zum song =in German= Ich habe etwas zum sagen =in English= I have something to say," followed by how we all want to be Rockstars in the Land of Rockstars (choreography included). The Rockstar theme was inspired by the celebrated 200th anniversary of Liszt. Everything had at least a vague connection, (skulls because he's dead, sunglasses because he was a Rockstar, and posters with jumbled script).
After a little reading and art inspection there was a folky musician that played. He is from Vienna, but enjoys the Burgenland dialect so much that he writes a lot of his songs with it. Even though most of the poetry was a blur his guitar playing and hippie disposition was enough to keep me thoroughly entertained. (He came out for an encore with a glass of wine and smoking a cigarette, there is no smoking aloud in the KUGA, but everyone got more of a kick out of it than angry.)
My skull is on the left, made in school art class
Posters made by Konni

That's Konni
No smoking
Ah yes! There was a really cool hippie band after, we didn't stay for all of it but I had to get a shot of the Jazz Flute player. (yes I was referencing Anchor Man)
After the KUGA - Raha - Drum and Bass night. The DJ was fantastic, best music so far. Dub-stepped until 4am
Angie, Konni, Me

Frau gegen Gewalt
Women against violence was a little organized walk that my friends and I took part in. Really cute homemade signs and just a fun little get together. 

Ersten Advent
The four Sundays before Christmas are the "Advent Sundays." I suspect this is primarily a Catholic event as I can never recall doing this in Canada. This past Sunday was the first and also signified the lighting up of out small town's Christmas Tree! Hochtrass's Weihnachten Baum was super cute and it gave me an excuse to try Gluhwein (Mulled wine) which is Red or White wine with different spices. The tannin in the red I disliked because it overwhelmed the beverage's flavour, but the white was wonderfully fruity and provided a nice canvas for the spices. 

Konni's Geburtstag
Friday was Konni's Birthday and my first "House Party" since I have been in Austria. (Since we were underaged in Canada House Parties were the norm.) Mostly everyone in my class was there and a few from the other class in my grade. I am so lucky to have a class with so many friends! They all accepted me right away and I feel like I am a part of the class, not an exchange student outsider. Also this night was the first time I heard Deadmau5 in a club! (Ghosts and Stuff, obviously) Tuuli and I were so excited! For some reason the others wern't feeling it and just as the Dub-step kicked in we left to Legendary (more of a bar really) to hear classics such as "Cotton Eyed Joe," and "Achy Breaky Heart" (insert sarcasm here). The night was of course an overall success. 
OP Austauschschülerin
Noelia, Me, Veronica and Tuuli
Tuuli and Me

Early Christmas
I got a little package from my mom in the mail today. An early Christmas present!! She had told me about a beautiful kiosk that was next to her in a show that she was in, (selling her pottery,) and then I received this delicate and very lovely felt scarf. Here is her website on Etsy if you are curious. There are many beautiful textiles to choose from.
Thanks to Steph and Kalina for the Middle Card! Was such an awesome surprise getting it!

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