Friday, 18 November 2011

When you play the Macarena is when I Leave

Hey there, 
You probably thought I’d dropped off the face of the earth... or maybe that my laptop did. So sorry for the delay between posts, well, it’s been interesting. 
I’ve had the most ups and downs in the past couple weeks. I am now starting to miss really stupid things about Canada, simply because they are unavailable to me here. I would give a lot to go back to Kelowna for just a week, realize how boring it is, then come straight back to Austria. I just need some comfort. Watching Modern Family gave me this warm comfy feeling. We all know Austria isn’t that much of a drastic change from Canada, it’s not like I’m living in Thailand or India or Japan, but nevertheless it’s playing a little on my brain. Now I’m not totally superstitious about star signs, or anything really, but after realizing the full-moon-watcha-majig was next to or in my cycle or something, I didn’t feel so bad about having a turbulent few days. Well, I guess the hype is bliss, and I am not looking very to hard to disprove that theory.
Liszt Saves the Day
I received the best news that I have had since I found out I was going to Paris yesterday; I’m going to be in a choir! My substitute music teacher was making a choir and I just happened to be at the right place at the right time and somehow she knew I would be interested. We had our first practice last Thursday and three more coming up this week. The concert is on the 1st of Dec., so quick. We are singing three beautiful pieces: Die launige Forelle by Franz Schubert, Fishfang mit Lis(z)t, and Es Muss ein Wunderbares sein by Liszt. I had a little trouble finding the links on YouTube so all I can say is they have the same melodies as the ones here, but in choir version. 
In high school I felt like the band room was my second home, I was so comfortable in there. Singing with the choir reminded me a little of that. Also, our teacher is very enthusiastic, I suppose that helped as well. 
Ma Chérie
November 7th I came home to a little package waiting for me on the kitchen counter from my mom. The most darling card, wishing me a wonderful time in Paris. My mom knows just how to brighten my day, and keep a secret. I’m quite shocked in fact. Only three more weeks!

Biss zum Morgengrauen

Sunday I will be going to a Twilight marathon with Tuuli from Finland! We estimated about 6 hours in the movie theatre. Oh, and we will be seeing all three and a half movies in German, good thing it’s not the most difficult dialogue, plenty of repetition. As my on-going project in school I’m reading the first of the Twilight series in German. I think I’ve had it for a little over a couple weeks and I’m on page 22, (pretty good considering I have to look up on average 3 words per sentence). 
When you play the Macarena is when I leave
November 10th was Burgenland Rocks Vienna. I apologize for forgetting my camera, there really wasn’t much to see anyways. When we arrived I was very concerned for the state of the party. By the selection of music and the two girls dancing on stage, I had guessed the DJs let their girlfriends have the controls for a little too long. There is no cause to ever play the Macarena, as far as I’m concerned all copies of the song should be destroyed so one never has to submit to the horrible choreography. I think I hear a little Aqua, blast from the past, Backstreet Boys or ‘NSync, can’t remember, (but in case you’re wondering I’m team ‘NSync) and Britney. As the night progressed we learnt the DJs had very little imagination and played the stereotypical and quite frankly “last month’s” popular club mixes. I think Burgenland could have shown a little more of it’s “one night” but as it turned out it was actually really fun. I guess that proves that the company you’re with ultimately decides how good of a time you have.

                                                                                           "And general all around Wonder Boy"
As a side note I was checking up on my Blogs I'm following and came upon this great short video about Gallery owner Lucy Chadwick. She's my new idol. If you are curious check it out. 
Lucy Chadwick Film

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