Sunday, 25 December 2011


The Christmas Song
by: She and Him
I have had a wonderful Christmas in Austria. I am so thankful, I couldn’t have asked for a better situation. Aside from the family festivities and many sweets I’ve been eating, my German has been noticeably improving. I am understanding more than I don’t. (I’d say maybe 80%.) 
I had a wonderful Skype with my friends Christmas Eve morning and with my mom that night. It’s strange, and I feel a little bad saying this, but my first Christmas away form home is actually one of by best. I feel so loved all around the world. Yesterday I couldn’t get the smile off my face. I can definitely tell that this year is turning out to be an instrumental part of the adult I’m becoming. It hasn’t changed my opinion that much or changed me, but I’ve matured. I’ve gotten more confident. At the same time my world has gotten smaller and larger. Everything seems accessible to me now and I’ve got a broader perspective on  everything. These last four months have been the hardest, but now it just feels like a dream, and I can’t wait to enjoy every part.

Anthropologie always knows how to do it up.
My Christmas Cards from Canada! 
Girls' night Skype!!!
From Left (top): Christina, Emily, Ali
From Left (bottom): Heather, Tess 
Christmas Socks from Home

My new hair.
(oops- already broke one of the Rotary Rules. haha)

We hang candy on the tree! 

Sparklers in the Tree!
At least the candles aren't real anymore.
Sandie, Lisa, Petra and Me,
and our Christmas Tree!
(please read aloud for full obnoxious rhyming effect)

Ornament from Canada
Canadian stereotype dispelled: No, I do not ride a polar bear to school
Christmas Eve fondue

Pretty Choco

Give Austrians Reeses and they will love you forever. 

Gift package from Ali and Cristina
They found all my favourite things! Such thoughtful presents. Love you two so much!
(and the Chai Tea from Teopia is amazing.)

Desi's (Lama) Holiday Chocolate Cake! (So yummy!)
Konni and Desi's (Seidle) presents!
(I seem to be getting a lot of tea... no complaints! Everyone knows me so well.)
CD from Konni. Signed by the musician when we saw him live.
(please refer to my November Post titled "Deadmau5 and Gluhwein"
Gifties from the Austrian Fam. Love them!
They got me spot on. 
Pyjamas and Canada swag from Rotary
Thanks so much Anne Marie!

The best for last.
A Handmade House Coat (by my mummy and my grandma).
They ordered the Chenille fabric in from New York and made it themselves.
Now thats what I call a Family Christmas. Amazing.

The Christmas Waltz
by: She and Him

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