Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dublin: Green and Savage

Savage is one of the many slang words we learnt in our English lessons, which were way more fun than typical school!
We had a super cool young teacher that taught us Irish slang and created Taboo topics for discussion. There's nothing I love more than a good debate!
Here are some pictures of some "savage" places in Dublin! (Pubs and Monasteries to be precise)
Oh, and savage means "very cool" or "awesome."

*Only two days until I'm home!!! 

by Day
by Night

Best guitarist. Great show.

Howth - The Coast

With Maple Syrup :)

#Blogger Life

They spelt Tuuli's name wrong.
In Finish Tuuli means wind,
Tuli means fire
and Tulli means customs

Somewhere outside Dublin

The Monastery

My Camera Girl

Feels like home

** I should probably include that all the good photos were done by Tuuli and her amazing camera and talent ;)
Some were done by me aswell...

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