Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lauf Forest!... Lauf!

Riesenrad in Vienna Amusement park
View from the top

Stephan's Dome and Horse&Buggy

Yes we did go to McDonalds in Vienna. They are so good here! Really good Lattes and they are equal to Starbucks....
but less expensive. 


Also Hundertwasserhaus

Sommerkino and the food stalls

Big screen and great sound!

On the bright side I have now learnt the verb “to run.” Although, on the “other side” I have not learnt nearly enough German to avoid the haze of fog that is a day in school. I understand “baby german,” simple questions; who, what, where, when and why. The answers that follow my questions are a whole other story. It will take time, but at the moment, in the words of Dave Matthews I’m, “clinging to straws while drowning.” But of course Austria has it’s little quirks that make it lovable. For instance, my sisters and I were driving to the clubs Saturday night and listening to Adele only to be slowed by a tractor mid-highway. Only in Austria. 

Yesterday I visited what I have reasoned to be, so far, my favourite city; Graz! Vienna of course is grand and fascinating but most times for me a little overwhelming. With a few more visits I’m sure it will take the top prize for my favourite city, (along with Vancouver of course). The highlight of Vienna was the Philharmonic concert replay on a huge screen in the Rathausplatz for Sommerkino. This festival goes on all summer, and in front of the stage are probably over twenty different stands of food, all from different countries! I myself took part in the Indian food (encouraged by my sisters not to have Austrian as we can cook that at home) and for desert we shared a crêpe and Knödel. I must fill you in on the cooking here, as I myself have been filling up! (I couldn’t resist the pun.) 

Knödel are the dumplings you eat with sauce (usually a sort of crème fraiche concoction) and berries. My host mom has also made me Kaiserschmarrn which is sort of a puffy pancake that you scramble into pieces and eat similarly to the Knödel. Along with these desert-like lunches I’ve been also having my fair share of sweets. They are crazy about Milka here and if the whole isle in the grocery store (maybe two) saved for chocolate wasn’t enough they also eat cakes (Kuchen, which is not a tiered cake (Torte), but by definition a flat cake cooked in a pan, usually with fruit). Dinner is usually various bakery breads with meats, cheeses and vegetables. Despite their frequent cooking of the classics they are also heavily influenced by the Italian influence in close proximity. Mozzarella, tomato and balsamic are used quite often. As for Austria’s take on Italy- corn on pizza! Love it!

Graz is so beautiful (or sehr schön) to say the least (and to say the least very un-poetically). The main centre, Hauptplaz is surrounded by cafes and shops. We had very tasty ice cream at a cafe. I ordered an Eiskaffee which here means ice cream in your coffee, (usually vanilla) specifically for me- Haselnuss (hazelnut). My favourite flavor of ice cream is quickly changing from Strawberry (for its likeness to the fresh variety) to Hazelnut, which I consider the true flavour of Austria. Here Nutella is everything.

And I will end on that note: Nutella is everything.

Now in Graz: Locks that you write the names of you and your bf/wife and throw the key into the moor. Legend says you will be together forever!


Also Hauptplaz

It's like Italy- right?

Kunsthaus, or Art House. Labelled as: "the friendly alien." To me: the giant peanut. 
Ah, Graz.

Caffe in the middle or the moor.

Yes, they do wear lederhosen and dirndl here. It's fairly common actually.

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  1. Tess, you're an amazing writer! I'm gonna bookmark your blog, just so I can keep up with your adventures!
    Sounds like an amazing ride.

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