Monday, 12 September 2011

The Birkenstocks and The “Have-Nots”

McDonalds in Graz. A special picture for my Magnum-obsessed mother.

Were you ever the only one on pajama day that forgot to wear pajamas and feeling like an idiot, because you could have been for once comfy and trendy at the same time? Well today that was me, eyeing the Birkenstock and slipper wearers in my school with envy. Soon enough I will be as in as it was to be out when wearing socks and sandals back home. Maybe the Japanese teacher had it right all along... 
Despite my crazed shopping escapade in Vienna that was only a week and a half ago I still feel the burn in my pocket to spend spend spend! Perhaps it’s the Birkenstock withdrawal, (and perhaps I’m obsessing).
I went out last Saturday to the anniversary of a local club, Raha. They chose to call this occasion the “Raha Ball,” they really like their balls here. Everything is a ball... Marching Band Balls, Graduation Balls, Clubbing Balls. It’s a good excuse to have fun and get dressed up which the Austrians love, and I can’t disagree with. A little side note to the “dressing up”- no sweat pants in school, ever! Strictly a jean wearing community here. My Lulus have been folded neatly in my top shelf ever since I got here. But no fear Lulu enthusiasts (Susan) they will come in good use for skiing and the hiking trip in Taupliz this weekend. 
Music class is a highlight for me during my school week. I have a very enthusiastic and slightly eccentric teacher (as music teachers usually are). Since there is no choir this year at school it was suggested to me to take this class where we sing, and learn a little theory and history of composers. It is a truly unique experience to learn about music in such close proximity to where it all started. Whereas most adults in America or Canada would refer to the rock bands of the 80s or perhaps the music of Elvis or the crooners of Jazz, in Austria there is a refreshing reverence for the best classical composers. I don’t think a day has gone by without the mention of at least one of the four most famous; Mozart, Hayden, Lizst or Johann Stauss. My music teacher has also promised a visit (or maybe a few?) to Wien (I will now refer to Vienna as the Austrians call it) to see an opera or a concert. Of course I am extremely excited, as I have already had the pleasure of seeing a screening of the Vienna Philharmonic. I am now convinced (though I didn’t need any convincing in the first place) that Austria out does all other musical experiences.
I will now leave you with a sentence in German that you can Google Translate, if you feel so curiously inclined, about my own music endeavors. 
Ich spiele das Klavier gerne. Jetzt ich lerne Chopins Nocturn in C# minor, ein sehr schön Musik Stück.
Raha Ball

StubenBergsee in Steinmark (Styria)

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  1. Hi Tess, du hast einen tollen Blog! Es macht viel Spaß deine kurzen unterhaltsamen Berichte zu lesen und Österreich aus deiner Sicht kennen zu lernen. Du warst auf einem Ball? Fesch, fesch, ihr drei Mädls :) Ich liebe Chopin! Leider bin ich schon so aus der Übung und habe lang nichts mehr von ihm gespielt. Aber toll, dass du auch während deines Auslandsaufenthalts Zeit hast dich der Musik zu widmen. Hast du bereits ein neues Stück komponiert? Ich freue mich schon auf den Wandertag am Wochenende. Bis dann! Liebe Grüße, Katharina