Monday, 26 September 2011

The Fog

The fog of two nights ago caught up with me today. I am beyond tired. I think the “honeymoon period” everyone spoke of must have come to a close. I am focusing really hard on my German and it’s resulting in headaches. Oh, to be fluent.
I’ve gotten a few requests to see my Host Family’s home. Lisa and I went for a walk and took some pictures...

My host sister Petra when she was little is the spokes woman for  her dad's company. Liebe!

2nd biggest street in Hochtrass

The pool. Nobody swims in it anymore, people got rashes from the water.
But it is good for skating in the winter!

Shani, Ana's dog, and Lisa. We took her for a walk.

This is where I wait for the bus. glamourous.

The main street of my small town

Also the main street

My family has a sign! To the right is our "street."

The church by our house

The country you see when walking around the outskirts of town.
(no Alps here)
The road outside of town
Stolen apples are the best.

My house!

me and he house

My room

My room is upstairs with the piano. yay!

The living room (Petra is hiding)
The kitchen
The backyard

This weekend was the “Hak” Ball (the school beside us had their Matura). The theme was Under the Sea and I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was. My friends kept emphasizing on how much better the one at our school is going to be and “don’t get too excited,” sort of thing. Well They had a lovely setup in their gym with a live R&B band (excellent), tables and bars. Then there was a disco tent outside with a DJ and more modern music and of course a bar. Also, you could buy many different types of food in another large room. It was all very well organized which made for really enjoyable evening with some friends.
The Gym
Hooray for Exchange Students!
Tuuli from Finland, Noelia from Argentina and me.

Konni went to Wisconsin for 6 months. I would be lost without her and her English.

After we went to my favourite club in Oberpullendorf, Raha. They always have old movies playing with German subtitles in the background. This week was “Wayne’s World.” The music is well selected. Their thing is classic oldies from the 70s ish mixed with new stuff (we requested Muse a few weeks ago - everyone got really excited). Muse seems to be a really big thing here, also Mumford and Sons. I’m good with that, great bands! 
Also the girls really like The Astroids Galaxy Tour (awesome funk/pop/R&B band out of Copenhagen).

Alrighty, I’ll try to get some sleep and chat with you later.


  1. raha means "money" in Finnish!

  2. I love the wood furnishing in your bedroom! That may seem weird.. but it's lovely!

  3. Peter: hells ya it does! Why didn't Tuuli tell me that...
    Sarah: you are the cutest! thanks for reading + posting a comment! Miss you!