Friday, 24 February 2012


So there is no Halloween in Austria. 
But in February they do have Fasching, oh do they ever.
This is a two week event for some. Normally it only lasts for three. 
The main days are Fasching Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Not sure what happens on Sunday... (It's actually a religious holiday of sorts, so there is probably something to do with that. In fact it comes right before Lent)

Monday, for me, was a dinner with my entire town (which the youth of Hochstrass helped with) then a short comedy play by the teens in our town. We ate Sauerkraut and pork, my favourite! (Missing the Semmelknödel though.)

Tuesday is insane.
Everyone dresses up, (like Halloween).
The clubs/bars open at 8am and stay open until around 10pm at night. 
People literally start drinking at 8am in the morning. 
We had a short day of school, then went for a bite to eat and saw the parade. (And hopped on a float for a little bit, the perks of being an exchange student.)
In the bar at 2pm... so weird.
So party hard until Wednesday, when you have to give up your good food for Lent.
This is fish day.

Fasching's Tuesday is the craziest day of the year.

Finnish girl, French girl, School girl, Robin Sparkles (How I met your Mother)
Mouse and the Mad Hatter
Safari Desi, and her girafe. 
Princess and Bruno Mars 

Bauer Pfandl, literally - Farmer's Pan, (Leni's) Once again I ate mine too fast.

View from the top. 

Konni bought be a Baguette for my costume. But I think she just wanted Baguette.
Stay out until 7pm. That's usually when I start getting ready to go out. So weird.

These two in Raha were dancing on the tables and the bar... Fasching.

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