Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Help

This film is so cute! I love that it’s set in the 60s (probably my favourite time period). And the aesthetic is really fun to watch. It really gives the viewer a broad sense of what the civil movement was like from all points of view. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer give excellent performances and Emma Stone does a great job as always. The only thing that I feel is keeping this movie from a “best picture” is that it was a little too cookie cutter. Although, that was the contrast between the “white” and “black” homes really got the point across. A really enjoyable movie to watch, with plenty of jokes, and it has a strong backbone. Should we feel it deserves less credit just because it was fun to watch? I don’t think so. Although I’m not sure it’s what the Academy is looking for.
My Rating: Have a good night and watch it. It probably won’t win, but thats ok. It’s still a great movie.

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