Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Where's the Bacon?

So I stayed home sick today and I think I liked it a little too much. So that means I have to push myself to go to school tomorrow. Just watching movies all day is so self-indulgent you’ve gotta love it. Best part of my relaxing day; Canadian Breakfast. Although it probably wouldn’t be considered by “Epic Meal Time” as a Canadian Breakfast for the lack of bacon... sorry guys. But I did load on a bunch of Mother Nature’s sweetest condiment; maple syrup.  

The original 100% pure
Best pancakes I've made so far in Austria
Sunday was the last day of my holiday. Sigh. But it was an excellent ending. My host family and I went to the New Year’s concert by the Johann Strauss Ensemble they had to book two years in advance! By the intermission I could see why. The conductor was as my host dad put it “a showman” on all accounts. First he came out in a blue silk shirt and after the intermission in an electric blue and gold lame paisley coat. He played violin with the ensemble during most of the pieces and joked with the audience for the rest. By the end of the night it seemed like we had known each other for longer than a couple hours, and he went on to play 5 encores.  One of which was a masterful interpretation of the theme from The Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a very stereotypical Austrian night in some aspects but also a very exciting and modern night at the same time. It put a smile on my face that reminded me why I am in Austria.

Florentiner March anyone?
Ya, you Band Geeks know what I'm talkin' 'bout
Sometimes I feel a little stagnant, hearing about all my friends going into their second semesters at university. I am so looking forward to starting my journey with film, but I find my mom frequently reminding me that it has already began. Every new experience is a new scene in my script, and I have to remind myself to live in the moment. I often feel guilty, like I should be accomplishing something every minute of my day. But I feel that sometimes we have to remind ourselves to be lazy, and just be.

A quick drawing of "the Man"
(Dallas Green)

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