Sunday, 1 January 2012

What are you doing?....

cutest rendition ever!
Zooey and Joe - "What are you doing New Years?"

When I saw these cupcakes I assumed it was The Year of the Pig (Chinese Style)
However.. it is a yearly symbol of luck. Probably in Canada as well... I'm just out of it.
(In case anyone is interested; it's the year of the Dragon.)
"Zara is just around that corner,"
"Oh! Ok, I know where we are."

Viel Leute

Ö3 Radio
 Two unfortunately uncreative DJs.
But when everyone wants to have fun; we do.
Coolest Dudes in Vienna.
I know what I'm wearing next year...


We had a 180 degree view of Vienna from the balcony of our relative's apartment.
The pictures really don't give you the full effect.
But it was basically: fire works everywhere, by everyone. 
Sekt = Sparkling Wine = Champagne
But I never told you that.
People have very strong opinions about their alcohol.

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