Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Behind the Scenes

This is going to be a montage of what can only be described as random pictures from my phone I forgot to include...
(Oh, and a movie review. Not an Oscar Nom. though, a happy one.)
With Konni, doing Radio OP 
I had a cat phase for a few months after seeing YouTube videos of Maru.
It's gone for now.
Love it.
Can't say I always do it.
My mum's painting from Paris.
Checking to see if the paint is sticking to the cardboard wrapping.
to see a picture of the Artist go to my Paris (part 2) post.
In art class.
A little inspired by the charcoal drawings on the walls in Across the Universe.
The movie Carnage in German.
Yeah, can't say I understood all of it.
But from what I did it was very good. Excellent performances. So funny.
Bus stop in the morning today
Screen Printing in Art
 Playlists I made for my Mummy!
She finally got them so I can post 'em.

Adorable. Well cast.
If you liked 500 days of summer, you will like this.
A good one if you don't know what to watch. Funny, sweet, and solid plot.
Love that I can always count on Joseph Gordon-Levitt to deliver.

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