Thursday, 19 April 2012

PARIS: the apartment

So I’ve decided to go about posting about Paris in a different way then I usually do. Instead of going chronologically, we will experience it in Chapters, beginning with our lovely home base, in the 11th district. 
Ah! Shiiit. Forgot the Music, apologies.

Our apartment was in a "new" district (the 11th) of Paris that is surrounded with restaurants, bakeries (so we could have our daily pain au chocolat), cafes and shops (and close to 2 Metros).
We had every breakfast here and cooked most of our dinners, which included a pot of curry on the second night! 
We loved where we got to wakeup and come home to everyday. It was a simple two room apartment with the best mix of old and new Parisian qualities. Up a three story winding staircase to the end of the hall... charming windows, a two element stove, a BOSE ipod dock and lots of hot water, (aka: my heaven).
We were already thinking of decorating ideas as if it were our own apartment, (which included, of course, more art!). 
The best thing about out little abode was that we really felt like locals for the week. We met Sophie right off, in her little shop a couple doors down from us on our street. My mom was right away taken by her first purchase, a pair of “very French earrings,” (as she put it).

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