Monday, 23 April 2012

PARIS: notre dame

“Il est venu....”
No, you’re saved from me writing all the Notre Dame lyrics this time. But you will still have to listen to the song:

This was really a high point of our trip, (well I guess one of them...) and we had the most AH-mazing weather to go along with it. The sun was so bright and beautiful as we came upon the cathedral, it was really stunning. Also, what added to the experience was that we watched the musical 3 nights straight on the iPad. Now that my mom knows the lyrics to “Belle” I just don’t think it’s the same...
We got our lock that we scratched our names into, and that my mom painted with coral nail polish to hook onto the bridge. The fact the there was a Home Hardware logo on it I think gave it that much more class.
And to finish off, Shakespeare and Co. is right around that area, so we stopped in and took a few pictures and browsed the film section, (which still left me needing to buy the book I wanted on Amazon). However, you feel really hip going in there and talking with the British sales girls. 



Some quality books

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