Monday, 23 April 2012

PARIS: montmartre + shopping

Montmartre is my favourite place in the world. Why?
  • It’s in Paris
  • All the street/portrait artists are set up there
  • Shopping is INSANE (and open on Sunday!)
  • You can browse at the high fashion stores (Spree, IRO, Sandro) or actually shop at the normal/vintage ones (Make My D..., APC outlet)
  • Best crêpes in Paris (well, I guess that probably means the world then...)
  • Cute little park (+ cute kids, speaking French = win)
  • All the artsy hipsters are there (and I am sneaking pictures of them)

there they are...

cutest little kid! my mom asked permission for his picture.

in front of la Bastille... bad weather this time, so no good photos :(
if you would like to see some please go to Paris (part2) of my Blog.
Paul, my mom's new artist friend. always makin' friends....

only one rule: everything is 50% off.
this bag means the world to me. French designer, bought in Paris. now I can always remember it.
sales girls in La Fée

cutest independant store :)
sweater from Make My D... and collage note book from Centre Pompidou
all the way through this store we had drool coming out of our mouths. I saw this posted on one of my favourite blogger's site (PARK&CUBE 12th from the top).  with brands that are even more expensive than Acne, one can only look.
pet peeve time: every 12 year old in Paris had a Kooples shopping tote. 
WHO HAS THAT MUCH MONEY AT 12!!!! extremely jealous of rich little French kids.
the Bibles of Paris (L'Officiel + Jalouse)

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